My services

  • Team coaching (supervision)
  • Individual coaching
  • Cooperative coaching
  • Mediation

Are we a good match?

I get a huge amount of pleasure out of living and working with other people! For me, contact and communication with others is the elixir of both private and professional life. And since the personality of a coach is always reflected in the way he or she works, I want to tell you a bit more about my approach to counselling.


Before our sessions even begin, I check whether the issues you want to address are compatible with the skills I offer. For one thing, we have to feel comfortable with each other. But at the same time we have to clarify that you are seeking assistance in resolving a conflict or require process-oriented coaching – or possibly need to seek expert consultation services from a different source.


The first meeting is dedicated to:

  • Clarifying the task: what exactly are your needs?
  • Diagnosis: a preliminary assessment of the problem.
  • Contracting: what does the contractual agreement cover?

These aspects are indispensable to successful counselling.

Ready to laugh and criticize when necessary.

I find it truly fascinating to take up contact with people and create a trusting basis among them. And this process is helped greatly by my sense of humour. At the same time, I’m familiar with the professional or personal dilemmas everybody has to face and endure. Those feelings of being stuck in a dead end, of being unwilling or unable to move forward; gnawing doubts, arguments, conflicts – the realization that you’re in your own way.


My respect for others creates space in which a critical slant and uncomfortable questions are possible: a space allowing reflection and communication.

I am my own method

The benefits gained from coaching ultimately depend more on the way I shape our counselling relationship than on the technique or method employed. Of course, I have a wide range of problem-solving tools able to address problems of all different kinds. Ultimately, however, my craft and my method are my personality in combination with my perceptiveness, powers of listening, questions, viewpoint, language, intuition, rational intelligence, physical reactions, emotions.

The most important objective is to constantly shift the perspectives – both my own as well as those of the client.


Perceiving – where the problems lie

Understanding – what the issues are

Finding out – strategies for the future


I’ll do my very best to ensure that all this takes place in a secure and confidential framework, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and esteem.