No changes needed?

We all rely on set routines and procedures that don’t require prior discussion. But we also need changes, and sometimes even conflicts, that shake up the day-to-day patterns we accept without questioning. 


The problem with established roles, however, is that they can become inflexible and start to weigh us down. And instead of leading to progress, conflicts often take us back to where we started.

Or is it time to review the situation?

If you find you’re going round in circles and can’t see any way out of the labyrinth, then external support can help you regain your internal bearings.

The support I offer as a coach, supervisor or mediator helps you to:

  • reflect upon your professional situation
  • pursue a new direction
  • make sustainable decisions
  • reach constructive agreements

I’ll gladly take the time for a preliminary meeting that involves no further obligations but gives us a chance to talk. 



Ralf Winning