About myself

As a fully trained supervisor (DGSv), mediator and coach, I run a private consultancy in accordance with the standards of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Supervision.


Having obtained my Masters Degree in Education in Manchester, England, I can offer all of my specialized counselling services in English. This aspect is particularly helpful in teams with members from various cultural backgrounds.


I acquired my professional competence both through my formal education as well as diverse professional experience and supplementary qualifications:

  • training as a mediator at Viadukt Berlin
  • training as supervisor and organizational consultant at Iso Berlin (Institut für Supervision and Organisationsberatung Berlin)
  • numerous advanced courses in counselling approaches based on methods of humanistic psychology
  • team member and manager of a residential project for people with learning difficulties
  • service in the crisis hotline of the Berliner Krisendienst
  • social work at the counselling centre Treffpunkt am Mexikoplatz, Berlin
  • social work at the psychiatric service centre of the district of Herzogtum Lauenburg, Schleswig-Holstein

Professionalism and humanity.

I accept and appreciate the diverse capabilities and needs I encounter in the course of my interaction with my clients. Respect for others is an important foundation of my work. I consider professionalism and regard for others to be mutually complementary – and to be inseparable.