Process consultation

Coaching is a process of actively reflecting upon and developing your professional life, but is conducted with close reference to your personal situation. Coaching is also described as one-on-one supervision and is suitable:

  • for the self-employed
  • for executive personnel
  • for employees with responsibility for managing staff
  • for private individuals
  • particularly in transition situations involving change and decisions (e.g. new job, new city, new challenges)

Coaching goes straight to the point.

The objective of coaching is to provide intensive assistance in times when encouragement and stimulation from a detached outsider may be helpful. The concentrated work possible within a small team made up of coach and coachee is ideally suited to busy schedules. Our consultations give you an opportunity to pause for thought, to speedily identify the problems, to instantly try out new ideas and strategies. Completed within a relatively short time span, followed by a frank and open follow-up discussion, all this adds up to the very effective form of counselling known as coaching.


As your coach, I listen and question, point out routes not explored so far, provoke and reflect, challenge and encourage.